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08.28.18, No comments

With strong economies and few signs of overbuilding, the South is expected to remain one of America’s most dynamic regions. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Allapattah’s Miami Produce Center May Be Among America’s Most Unique Redevelopment Projects

08.16.18, No comments

The redeveloped Produce Center will include urban farming plots, co-living spaces with flexible rental periods and sharing bathroom and kitchens. CLIC ...

Healthy Development: Miami’s Next Hot Neighborhood

08.14.18, No comments

Located next to Wynwood and about five miles from the Miami International Airport. the home values of the roughly fIve-square-mile Allapattah neighbor ...

The Linneman Letter: The NAV Mystery

07.31.18, No comments

We have always questioned whether NAV estimates were truly reflective of the pricing a REIT would receive for their assets if they were sold over a 6- ...