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08.16.18, No comments

The redeveloped Produce Center will include urban farming plots, co-living spaces with flexible rental periods and sharing bathroom and kitchens. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Healthy Development: Miami’s Next Hot Neighborhood

08.14.18, No comments

Located next to Wynwood and about five miles from the Miami International Airport. the home values of the roughly fIve-square-mile Allapattah neighbor ...

Miami Takes Steps To Become A Truly International City

08.02.18, No comments

Community leaders are reimagining the city as an idea generator for technology, education, banking, the arts, media and fashion. High-concept incubato ...

The Linneman Letter: The NAV Mystery

07.31.18, No comments

We have always questioned whether NAV estimates were truly reflective of the pricing a REIT would receive for their assets if they were sold over a 6- ...