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Lower corporate tax rates and special treatment for many real estate companies could give the commercial property sector a boost and more profits for big builders. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Puerto Rico Offers Investment Opportunities For The Prepared And Selective

12.27.17, No comments

Investors need to think long term and plan for volatility, according to Jeremy Larkin, co-chair of NAI Miami, a real estate brokerage and advisory fi ...

Tax Overhaul Could Be Big Win for U.S. Real Estate Investors

12.14.17, No comments

Owners and developers of commercial real estate stand to gain from a new tax break for “pass-through” entities, which don’t pay corporate tax bu ...

Miami Downtown Development Authority Tries To Lure Hedge Funds Worried About Tax Changes

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Attending a recent DDA event during Art Basel, some hedge fund invitees expressed interest in relocating to Miami due to the proposed tax changes. CLI ...

  • Investors Look To Secondary Real Estate Markets
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    Driven by the desire to find a better standard of living and less-expensive rent, individuals are increasingly settling down in secondary markets. and investors are starting to follow suit. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE